yeah man we fight a lil it’s all good



u kno those friends you jokingly insult all the time to the point where u dont even know how to be nice to each other anymore and you’re basically enemies 

Anonymous asked:
is it ok if we send u lil suggestions for jeaneren doodles because my favorite artist likes my otp and you draw them so cute ;3; <3

yeah its totally okay!! i like to have suggestions in my inbox and gosh thanks!

Anonymous asked:
draw some jeaneren cuddles??? ;v;


right in the otp fuUUCkk 

and lmao i even colored it dont look at me


the problem with Attack on Titan is that no one takes it seriously

neither tihe fandom,


the merchandising,


nor the animation studio


not even Isayama himself takes it seriously


Anonymous asked:
what do you like more jeaneren or jeanmarco?

asking me that is really cruel since i’m a multishipper and im sure i’ll lose followers once i answer this

i like jeaneren more because who can resist kismesis shipping(im still a homestuck deep down sorry lmao)

ok ok so my cousin is in that stage every anime fan goes through at the age of 12-14 alright and its the cutest most embarrassing ever and I am witnessing as it unfolds and he’s cosplaying armin with me soon (i’ll be eren) and he keeps being a  complete weeaboo over it and im making it easier for him in a way but i cant help but laugh at how embarrassing he is

please dont ever break their bubble if you have someone that is going through that phase it’s cute and they’ll get over it eventually okay


Respect and love your fanfiction writers and fanart artists. They do a lot of work for people to look at without asking for really anything in return.

like i said on twitter someday i’ll color all of my jeanerens