oops forgot to post… here…. haha 8’(

well just that eddie has approved the drawstuck thing on formalstuck! it’ll start at 2 and end at 3(though we can continue after as well!) i’ll copy paste from the fb group cus i’m a lazy bee

It’ll center around exchanging doodles, drawing on each other’s sketchbooks and socializing a little! getting to know all those shy people at the meet ups(we don’t want people to be alone an make them feel excluded!) Bring pencils, pens, markers, colors, erasers, extra of everything(just in case!) and of course it’s NOT a contest, your drawing skills will not be critiqued(someone actually asked me this!) We could even make one huge ass drawing made by everyone! FUN FOR ALL 8D” 

Oh and yeah synn is helping me since she draws cute shit and stuff so she’ll be the example to follow 8))))