and then i said lets draw these boys in uniforms

and talk about titan assholes

i really want to eat ice cream its really hot here but i cant asknedff

also what if they always had these little arguments about their respective brothers and neither of them will back down even tho they’re (in a way) talking about each other so inside it flatters them a little???

this is confusing lmfao hides

yay beta kids done!! sorry if they don’t help enough 8’(

i’ll do the others later ;v;

the others will be in a set (*´・v・)

speedpaint video up on my channel 8’)

hey there bday boy!!

sorry its not jane but john really is my favorite 

and um having fun with painting hair haha…

karkat is like one of those characters that appear even though you were planning to draw someone else

he looks a bit muscular(or maybe his shirt is too tight) haha sorry im trying this body type lately 8’)

happy birthday angie!!! <333 have some gamzee :o)

im sorry about the half assed abs 

hannah and i both like chubby jake mostly how does he manage to put that ass in those booty shorts really

thank you hannah bby for commissioning me ;3; <3