dont click if u dont like gay shit okay thanks 

also if you know me irl please dont ask i will completely ignore u

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page 19!!

its just a strider butt tbh its not REALLY NSFW to me but there’s a few people that would rather not even see strider butt

but really who doesnt want some strider butt

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page 18, i’ll the the rest done soon, and again sorry for being the biggest fucking tease

you can read the other pages here!

merry christmas everyone 8D

i really love drawing profilessss

fuck the haters let it rain gay

page 16!!

i facepalmed so much at this page look at how gay this is it reminds me of a shoujo manga

kissu on the way? probably 8))

page 15!!

the second to last panel has probably been the kawaiiest way i’ve EVER drawn dave

if you see any mistakes please point them out!

author: taimat 8>

page 14 and we’re getting nowhere yet wow… i dont even want to know how long this one took considering i did it in like… 2 hours oops 

was going to update tomorrow but what the heck! 

i’ve learned so much, from the beginning of this comic to now, so i’ll say i’m happy i tried this :>

EDIT: ALSO for some reason i cant use photoshop anymore for the font so sorry about the horrible handwriting! 

because people ask me this stuff but i can’t make good references :’>

but it’s just really… simple haha……